Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday Night

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:27:13 AM

The evening turns out pretty well. Kuma is tired from his morning at TheDogZone, I do my run, soak in the hot tub for a bit, grab some food. Amy stops by to pick up her fish and regales me with stories of her Alaskan adventures in true Amy fashion. I catch Katie and the news and then head downstairs, feeling much better and resolved to have a good time with iMovie. I've decided to make a shorter movie, practicing the Burns adjustments and practicing voiceover and practicing working with two sound tracks. I move a bunch of pictures into a new "My Great Picture" and in two hours, I have a little ds. It's kinda cute - it's Cianya looking forward to Gloucester, in my words - and I'm left with a bunch of real questions to ask and have answered that will drive me ahead, rather than a bunch of imagined questions, fueled by a desperate feeling of stupidity. Where the hell did that come from? Another story for another time.

Here's the story line. Oh, I didn't storyboard this. My process was... 1. identify actual elements of the mental idea my brain was already working on 2. move the visuals into the iMovie space 3. practice the Burns effect just like NJ showed me - worked like a charm 4. start moving the pictures to the movie track 5. lay down the music track - Joshua's sunny side of the street (Perfect!!) 6. write my script 7. rearrange the pictures in the movie tract to conform better to the script 8. record the sound track - wince, wince 9. tweak certain pictures 10. add title, transitions, ending 11. try to add sound effects of ocean waves at start but fail at that and manage to NOT screw up the movie 12. remembered only now NJ's sage advice about the undo function - it can undo something you did 5 minutes ago so most screw-ups are small stuff Now, here's the story line.


•This summer I’m going back to Gloucester with my Amma and my Gappa and I can’t wait. I just love being there.
•We stay right next to the water and when the water is low, which seems to happen at least once a day, I go down to the rocks and search for beach glass. My Amma usually goes with me.
•I think the birds think we are taking over their homes but we aren’t; we’re just looking for neat pieces of old rough glass.

•The bestest times are when we go to good harbor beach. The ocean makes big splashes and I walk out with Gappa and try to kick the water back, but of course I cannot. It sure is fun trying though.
There’s a tidal river that is easy to swim in and lots of kids just float back and forth on the tide there. Amma usually makes sandwiches and packs lots of water and fruit. I just love digging in the sand and getting covered from head to toe.
•Sometimes my cousins come up from Boston and that’s fun too. They are a lot of fun to be with. Jayne runs with me but she goes into the water and jumps and swims.
I won’t do that yet but I’m thinking maybe this year. Jack usually brings a friend and he and his Dad play baseball with Gappa. Jack isn’t fond of losing. Beth and Amma sit and watch and laugh at the games that go on. I like it when they come. I think they like it to.
•Mostly, I love the beach because I can be silly and have lots of fun as long as I want all day long.
How cool is that.

Ann comes home from her book group. We talk a little about the reading of John Adams. She looks at the Movie. She says, "It's cute!" with a big smile. It's late, and that's good enough for me.

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