Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It isn't just the words...

So much of what is being talked about relative to the killings in AZ has to do with the language of our devolving political culture.  It's much more than the words themselves.  Current neuroscience tells us that the emotions communicated by the manner in which words are spoken (think about the sounds of John Beohner's red-faced screams to congress after the health care bill passed) trigger anxiety and fear as much as the words themselves.  It would be really interesting to have someone familiar with how the  limbic system functions, particularly the role of the amygdala, come on Morning Joe and help make this point.  The denials from both sides of the aisle that these murders were not linked to our political climate is simply not true.  Our brains pick up messages in many ways, not simply through the words of communication.  Like it or not, this research brings us perilously close to affirming our political climate indeed laid the base for these assassinations.

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